Close up cleaning of a ring with a toothbrush

Proper Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Whether it’s a birthday present or your everyday accessory, fine jewelry can carry much value and elevate your entire look. But like everything, even the most valuable jewelry can lose its shine: from tarnishing metals to dust and debris deposits, it’s important to periodically clean your jewelry to keep it in its best condition.

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gold jewelry chain necklace on background

Understanding Gold: White, Yellow, Rose, Karats, Quality

Investing in fine jewelry is an exciting and fun venture. But if you don’t know some of the ins and outs of stones and metals, you may spend more on a lower-quality product. This is particularly true of those looking to buy gold jewelry—with so many elements to consider, it can be difficult to know…

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Cubic Zirconia Detail Circle Pendant Necklace

How to Jewelry Shop for a Picky Person

We all have at least one person in our lives that are especially hard to shop for – someone with particular interests or needs. Some may call them “particular,” while others call them “picky.” Labels aside, shopping for these individuals can be challenging, especially when it comes to jewelry shopping. You want to be able…

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